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What to know about Auto Insurance?

What to know about Life Insurance?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Being a homeowner.
  2. Clean driving record.
  3. No excessive claim/accident history.
  4. Occupation and Education.
  5. Early Quote discount.
  1. Multiple claims/accidents.
  2. Policy cancellation.
  3. Lapse in insurance coverage.
  4. Age / years licensed.
  • No, bundling can also consist of a renters insurance policy and an auto insurance policy.
  • Adding an umbrella policy can also lead to more savings.
  • Not always. We work with numerous carriers that sometimes we find the better premiums with different companies. In other words, the auto insurance carrier will be Company A and the home insurance carrier will be Company B.
  • Insurance is the transfer of risk. In other words, a person that has multiple accidents, traffic citations, etc, is a higher risk that they will be involved in an accident or get a traffic citation. For those reasons, a person with such history will have a higher insurance premium. Premiums are not only based on the type of vehicle, but on the driver’s history as well.