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Why Our Customers Love Us?

Ferni Rizo and his team shopped their network of providers and were able to provide me with better insurance coverage at the same cost I was already insured for thru my existing carrier (who by the way had me under insured by almost 35% of what I actually needed) so now I got the coverage to replace all my rides and home 100% in the event that I need it. Let’s just say I was not in Good hands! But I called Rizo insurance group they shoppeed and I saved! They have all my insurance needs covered now and I the future. Thanks Ferni

Glen Pulliam

Fernie and his team are incredible at what they do- I highly recommend this company for all of your property and casualty insurance needs!!

Mackenzie Black

RIZO Insurance Group Client

Rizo is your guy who can help you save on insurance. So give this Man a call! He can shop for you and give you the best options.

Sergio Galvan

RIZO Insurance Group Client

Thank you Rizo group for taking a look at every aspect of my insurance and helping me save. Pleasure to know and work with you.

Cas Garza

RIZO Insurance Group Client

Fernie is a pleasure to work with. Family saved over 2k a year on car/utility insurance. Yeah. In addition he was able to cut our liability insurance in half. Love this company and we’ve been blessed to work with him.

Lisa Gold

RIZO Insurance Group Client

They have been handling my insurance for the past year. They are reliable and I will continue my business with them. Easy to work with!

Sherri Johnson

RIZO Insurance Group Client